SAFEMED+ Family supports consortium members from Ternopil National Medical University (Ternopil, Ukraine) and Bukovinian State Medical University (Chernivtsi, Ukraine) as well as the whole Ukraine and Ukrainians during the hardest time of war! We stand with you! Glory to Ukraine, Glory to the Heroes!

Specific Goals of SAFEMED+

Curricular Reform

Curricular Reform in order to develop CBME (Competency Based Medical Education) concept of CLINICAL LINE.

Clinical Skills Labs

Development of Clinical Skills Labs in Partner Country HEIs (or improvement of existing ones).


Implementation/development of simulation (manikin-based (simulators, manikins, models, etc), human-based (Standardized Patient – SP, Simulated Patient, Hybrid Simulation)

Clinical skills

Development/improvement of Clinical Skills (Competencies) assessment methodology and tools for formative and summative assessment (including Objectively Structured Clinical Exam – OSCE).

CBME principles

Increase the awareness about CBME principles

Reinforcement of public healthcare system

Preparing platform for Clinical Skills Labs Regional Network for distance consultations to assist the reinforcement of public healthcare system.

Our partners