Impact of SAFEMED+:


  • Participants from partner countries HEIs will produce revised syllabi, with international accredited learning outcomes.
  • Modernization of educational processes at HEIs and improvement of curricula
  • At institutional level, the new courses will be accredited by the respective medical faculties and validated by the MOE in Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine
  • Internationalization process of the partner HEIs.
  • Continuous cooperation between hospitals, clinics and medical practitioners through regional level
  • Clinical Skills training will deliver clinical skills experience in the preclinical setting since it improves students’ performance in clinical setting and provides constructive feedback.


  • Development of National Benchmarks for clinical skills and medical education
  • New standards on Clinical Skills accepted by other medical schools and authorities
  • Retrained trainers in clinical skills courses change mentality of trainees to improve patient safety standards



Output: Revision of curricula according to International and EU standards (like CAN Med)

Outcome: better quality of medical programs

Output: Establishment of clinical skills labs, formation of teachers, students and professionals through state-of-the-art clinical skills teaching/learning material

Outcome: more qualified medical staff and infrastructure within medical schools

Outputs: Quality assurance system allocated to internship scheme; Internal quality control reports; External evaluation reports

Outcome: efficient internship schemes; risk management and increase guarantees of achievement of project results

Output 4.1: organization of website, round tables and dissemination events

Output 4.2: Validation/accreditation of revised courses on Clinical Skills

Output 4.3: Visibility of project and project results at local and national level

Output 4.4: 300 people trained through multiplier workshops

Output 4.5: development of network of training centres

Outcome 4.1: Raised knowledge on project objectives and achievements among key stakeholders;

Outcome 4.2: Increased relevance of clinical skill courses for students

Outcome 4.3: Dissemination of best practices at local and national level

Outcome 4.4: visibility of project output and outcomes through network

Outputs: Management standards + procedures established, interim reports; Final financial audit report

Outcome: Consolidated working, mobility, training and budget plan